Banner Ponents IV Jornada

Albert Burzón
Creative Director at Burzón & Comenge. Graphic Designer specialised in Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

Luis Cano
A journalist for the Spanish newspaper ABC, he works for the Department of Data and Visualisation. On the newspaper's website, he has driven the use of extraction and data analysis tools for news reporting. Moreover, working with new design information and widening writing resources.

Luis Collado
Director of Google News in Spain and Portugal. With over 10 years of experience in the financial sector and marketing consulting, and 15 years working in various high-level positions within the editorial sector.

Daniel Lombraña
Founder of Scifabric LTD a company that develops easy-to-use technologies to collect, analyse and enrich (your) data with the crowd. He has almost 10 years experience of citizen science projects and crowdsourcing technologies.

Josep Matas
A lawyer, he works for the firm Legalment, specialising in information rights, copyright, electronic administration, personal data protection and related subjects. Among his firm's clients are a large number of cultural institutions. He has also taught at various Catalan universities.

Patricia Riera Barsallo
Head of the CEDRO delegation in Catalonia. One of her roles involves institutional representation of the managing organisation and the definition of legal solutions that allow users (companies, public and private bodies, and institutions) to use works protected by copyright, in balance with the interests of the legitimate copyright holders.

Elena Sánchez Nogales
Head of Services of the Digital Library of the National Library of Spain. She works on the technical and management definition of portals like Biblioteca Digital Hispánica and Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano. She is also in charge of national and international cooperation, and a project on enriching and reusing the BNE's heritage contents.

Eugènia Serra
Director of the Biblioteca de Catalunya since 2012, in which she has worked since 1983 in different areas. She has taught at the University of Barcelona and is a member of committees, work groups and initiatives in various national and international organisations (CSUC, Consejo de Cooperación Bibliotecaria, Europeana, among others).